Monday 14 March 2016

Gen 1:2 Spirit, a more advanced concept of consciousness

When writing about how logic has feelings, I know this a hard concept to accept. Our modern minds are used to separating "living" things from logic. And yet science teaches us that we are all made of the same stuff, and any distinctions are just our preferences in how we choose to categorise things.

Our ancient ancestors had no trouble in seeing that people and objects are all the same stuff. It was routine to talk about objects having spirits: a spirit is just the ideas that animate a thing (I might blog on this later). The ultimate difference between any objects is just the ideas (spirit) that defines them.

I have now discussed two ways that Moses was smarter than us. He had a better idea of economics, and a better idea of consciousness. One day I will blog about Bible prophecy: some of these prophets had a better idea of our present and future as well. This is not for some supernatural reason, but they just had a clearer view of the underlying logic of humanity.

I guess they just had more time to think, back when there was no Internet, when attention spans were  a little longer.

This is not to say that everybody in days gone by was clever. The vast majority of people in any age are not philosophers. But I am only interested in the clever ones.

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