Monday 14 March 2016

Gen 4:26 In praise of bad religion

In this blog I attack the supernatural. But a supernatural belief can still have massive positive effects. Take the history of the world for example:

Notice anything? When Europe invented advanced technology it conquered the whole world... except the middle east and China. Why? Well they were able to organise on a huge and fanatical scale. Moslems would happily give their lives for Islam, and the Chinese would die for the emperor. Sure, we can look back on them as mad fanatics, but they survived.

It's all about survival.

So why do I attack supernatural belief? Because we can do much better than merely survive. The Bible has an economic plan that can give us a perfect world in just twenty years. But our supernatural goggles blind us to the fact.

Picture: from “The Story of Mankind”, by Hendrik Van Loon, via Project Gutenberg.

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