Tuesday 15 March 2016

John 1:14 truth

"full of grace and truth" (John 1:14)
What a verse! Here we come to the final word, truth. And not surprisingly, supernatural Bible Goggles twist it beyond all recognition.

This is the Greek "aletheia" or "opening up": the most commonly used Greek lexicon defines the word as "objectivity". The philosopher Heidegger spoke at length about the word:
"Heidegger gave an etymological analysis of aletheia, and drew out an understanding of the term as 'unconcealedness'. Thus, aletheia is distinct from conceptions of truth understood as statements which accurately describe a state of affairs (correspondence), or statements which fit properly into a system taken as a whole (coherence). Instead, Heidegger focused on the elucidation of how an ontological 'world' is disclosed, or opened up, in which things are made intelligible for human beings in the first place, as part of a holistically structured background of meaning." (Wikipedia, aletheia)
In short, this is not supernatural truth. Aletheia provides the metaphysical basis for any understanding of the real world. God is the opposite of supernatural: God is logic, that which makes everything visible.

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