Monday 14 March 2016

blog: About the graphic: It's all Paul's fault

It's not really all Paul's fault: plenty of people believed God was supernatural before Paul came along. But Paul is a good example of a supernatural believer, and his version of Christianity won. So today almost everybody thinks that God is supernatural, because Paul and his followers said so. So people read the Bible expecting that, and interpret everything accordingly.

That is the whole point of the big graphic on this blog. It shows Mark, a non-supernatural book about a non-supernatural Jesus (the Jesus whose teaching is the opposite of Paul's), but we read it as if it about a supernatural Jesus who chose Paul as his special representative.

Supernatural believers are the lenses through which we read the Bible. That is even true of scholars. On this blog I hope to show that the Bible makes much more sense if we do not assume that Paul was right.

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