Monday 14 March 2016

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My name is Chris Tolworthy, and I have an unusual view of the Bible. I think it is all true (or at least, the important parts: Genesis, Exodus, Mark, etc.) But I don't think it is supernatural in any way.

The Bible uses philosophical terms like
But when we see these words in the Bible we put on special Bible Goggles and give the words weird supernatural meanings. I say we should take those goggles off. Just read the words normally. Then the Bible makes much more sense.

(I discuss the rise of the supernatural here.)

The Bible is about how to make a perfect world (a "kingdom of logic"). The rule is very simple: pay land rent instead of tax. If just one nation follows this rule we will have a perfect world within twenty years. (For the proof, see my other site, "Answers Answers". That site also gives the logic behind God and life after death.)

My original plan was just to write a book. You can see an early draft here. But I keep discovering new things. So a blog seemed like a better idea. I hope you find something of interest.

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