Tuesday 15 March 2016

blog: these posts are in a jumbled order

Just some house keeping...

The jumbled order of posts

This is just a quick note to say what it probably obvious: these posts have no particular order. I know that makes them hard to follow. I apologise for the inconvenience. Often a post relies on research that I have not yet uploaded. But the only way I can keep on top of this is to post each item whenever I get time, and sort out the order later.

Prefixes: Intro, Blog, Gen 1:1, etc

Each post title has a scripture reference at the start, to help with that ordering. The prefix "Intro" is for the book introduction,and the prefix "blog" is only really relevant to this blog.

The final book

Eventually all of this will be edited down to a smaller, more readable book. It will probably be ordered by Bible verse, so people can quickly find the section that interests them.

If anybody wants a rough guide to my whole thesis, an early draft of my book is here. Over half the posts to this blog will be updated potions of that work., But a lot of that book is out of date (for me). For example, I was just reading Gilgamesh, and my whole section on Genesis needs to be re-written. So some day soon I will publish several posts on the old man-god. Based on that, I need to look closer at the antediluvian genealogies. That research is much shorter so I will probably post it first. Even though it relies logically on the Gilgamesh stuff.

Thank you for your patience!

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