Monday 14 March 2016

Intro: Who else believes this?

In an earlier post I promised to give evidence that other ancient believers said that God is not supernatural. I could quote from gnostic sources, or continue to look at the Bible itself, but the proof is simpler than that.

These people cared about the poor and suffering.

As I said at the start, the supernatural God is a weak God. He cannot fix any problems until after we die. But people are starving and suffering right now. I cannot believe that every Bible reader through history was so uncaring, or so unimaginative that they would choose a weak God when a strong one was available. If you are suffering the you want to solve your problems now, not after you die. So the default choice for any person will be a non-supernatural God if possible.

A non supernatural God is easy to find. It's right there in the Bible. And once you find it you notice that lots of other people have found it as well. As I hope to show in this blog.

All the greatest theologians came to the conclusion that the final authority is logic. Just read Philo of Alexandria, Maimonides, or Spinoza. Or watch this video by Michael Dowd.

The most Christ-like Christians I know are interested in Jesus' gospel of good works, not in Paul's gospel of grace, They love Paul as well, because his Christianity gave the Bible to the whole world. Maybe he was the only one who could do it. But they prefer Jesus.

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